LearnerCare - School Management Software

LearnerCare is a smart parent-teacher collaboration application to be adopted by schools for smart learning and improved communication. The application is available for (A) Teachers/Schools to create and manage the students' and school's data. (B) Parents for viewing the details of their respective kids.

The features include

  • Attendance Tracking - Paperless attendance, instant update to parent, snapshot and aggregated view saves effort in tallying data.
  • Progress - Update and track scores of the student, get average and subject wise analytics to find the strength and weakness
  • Activity Board - Teachers will update the daily activities or worksheets. Parents can view current or past worksheets.
  • Events - Schools can stop printing notices and sending them. Parents can stop worrying about missing the announcements
  • Digital Diary - View how and what the kids are enjoying and doing in school. Live the memories.
  • Daily Routine - Parents can view the daily routines, exam routine and syllabus.

For further details, visit learnercare You can download the application from Play Store at

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