Occurens - Project and Task Management

Occurens Project Management suite enables teams to stay on top of the tasks with a ready to do dashboard with most relevant information. The solution is powered by advanced analytics, personalization and seamless collaboration to make the projects successful. Tool is built with intuitive UI so that the time of managers and team members are utilized in the most productive manner to do the most relevant tasks, yet effort, cost , schedule and quality can be monitored and controlled from a single interface.

Features include

  • Setup Projects, Teams and Tasks
  • Document Management and sharing
  • Assign tasks to members with drag and drop funtion
  • Set Deadlines and get notified on the deadlines
  • Timesheet tracker for each task to check effort and schedule compliance
  • Integrated bug tracker mapped with different phases to monitor project quality
  • Integrated with virtual meeting rooms
  • Risk, Issues and Action Items management

To know more, visit occurenshub.com. To get started, submit a query and our team will help you to get onboarded.

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