LearnerCare is a powerful school management system app between school teacher and parents. It helps the schools and teachers to manage the different school activities and registries like Attendance Tracker, Progress Tracker and notify events, schedule examinations ,share diary notes and manage 2 way communication.

Features of Teacher App

1. Attendance Management System – Teacher can mark the student attendance and get monthly, yearly aggregated data reports from the Admin portal. There is no need to tally the data end of month or semester manually. This helps in time efficiency improvement for the teacher. Attendance tracker helps the parents also to know the status of the kids attendance summary ( overall and daily status).

2. Progress Tracker – The tracker app helps the teachers to enter the student performance in each term against each subject. The progress tracker itself has the intelligence to calculate the term-wise and overall average. It helps the teachers to analyze a student’s performance trend. Parent of a student has the feature to have a analytical graphs to monitor the progress.

3. Daily Worksheet – Teachers can create the Daily activities of classes for each subject. They can upload the pictures also from the Mobile/ Tablet camera. Students can also view them on their application and it reduces the chance of missing on Alerts, homeworks. Activity updates help the busy parents to be aware of the studies and activities undertaken in the school.

4. Event Notifications – LearnerCare school communication app can be used by teachers to notify the students about the upcoming events in the class and school.

5. Daily Routine and Exam Routine : These features help in schedule management by the teachers. They provide the syllabus along with the exam dates for each subject.

6. Diary Notes : Teachers can send a personal communication. The digital diary works as a two-way communication medium for schools and teachers.

7. Gallery : School Admin or Teacher can share the pictures of events with the parents through this.

8. Principal’s Desk : Note from the Principal or rector can be communicated in this section.

Learner Care

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