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Project Task Management

Project Task management is a solution available for mobile (android and ios) as well as website also. The app or web allows various tasks to manage a project properly. Before discussing about the detail feature of the app first we need to know about the problems which we generally face during implementing a project.

Project Success depends on various racing factors of Scope, Cost and Quality. Project Management Institutes (PMI) standard have identified few key pillars for managing projects e.g.

– Project Planning
– Project Monitoring and Control
– Project Communication

Please note that, we are not getting deep into the PMBOK standards. The focus is more on practical aspects of Online Project Management and softwares.

Changing Landscape:

There are 3 things which are happening from PM perspective.
– Technology landscape is changing too fast which asks for adaptive development or Agile development.
– Teams are getting more and more distributed based on Skill availability.
– The means of communicating device is mobile and tablets.

Productivity Tools:

Appsolzone’s suite of Productivity tools and Project Task Management applications are developed to address these changing landscape and they provide

Project and task management
Project and task management application

1. Application which will allow the Project Manager to setup project, create team, assign tasks, schedule, monitor and control them.
2. Tool for easy Project Communication. People can talk to each other, chat and setup video calling without launching other applications.
3. Integrated document storage. Avoid any need to integrate different file system storage.
4. Project Scheduler and Task Scheduler /Task Assignments
5. Project dashboard for easy reminders on various parameters e.g.
a. Project health like Project Schedule / Effort Management
b. Project Task management app shows overdue tasks
c. Tasks by individuals due for current week


All these are available from Mobile applications as well as website.

Associated Offerings:
We have an associated Meeting Manager application [link it], Task Force Manager, Attendance Tracker etc. They can be used for
a. Meeting Scheduler
b. To note Minutes of Meeting – Meeting Minutes Template is already prebuilt in the app and once data is filled online or offline, the minutes can be generated and shared on attendee’s emails.
c. It is also an effective tool for Risk Management process and Risk Tracking.
d. Action Items and Issue Tracker
e. Task Force Management with GPS based location tracking

Meeting Minutes application can be found on playstore
If you need any customization of the applications for your enterprise or looking for an in-house hosted solution, Contact Us.

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