Task Force Management

Appsolzone has a Task Force Management suit with the following features

Features for Managers / Project Leaders:

  1. Plan the tasks of the field force.
  2. Daily allocation of tasks or users. Once allocated, the system will automatically notify the users.
  3. Configure the team members according to skill / expertise, geo-tagging the employees.
  4. Allocate tasks according to occupancy status and based on location.
  5. Optimize the routes of the field force executives and agents.

Features for Employees / Field Executives in the Task Force Automation solution:

  1. View the allocated tasks on dashboard (mobile / web)
  2. Real time reporting and Update task status.
  3. Track time
  4. Expense reimbursement submission.


  1. Easy monitoring and control of the task status.
  2. Real time update on the field executives’ location and work status.
  3. Track time and reconcile the report in a moment.
  4. Increased productivity
  5. Reduces Operational Cost

The application solutions are available on web, mobile applications and can be integrated with any Enterprise systems through API interfaces.


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