Digital Menu For Restaurants

Digital Menu for Restaurants

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Digital menu application on Android / iOS with fully featured Admin panel provides following benefits to the restaurants/bars.

1. Increase Customer Engagement – A food menu with vivid pictures and descriptions attract 25% more customers.

2. Reduce Opex. Number of waiters serving the customers can be reduced as they need not stand next to guests and explain the items. Thus, span of attendance per table reduces.

3. Increase Customer Satisfaction

4. Personalize – Learn the customer and offer them choices from their past history, family data etc.

5. Avoid wrong orders

6. Avoid the irate customers by not showing the menu items which cannot be served due to non-availability of ingredients.

7. Generate sales analytics, analyse customer feedback and improve operations.

It’s time to enable these and make your system efficient through our Mobile Menu app on Android.


Food Ordering and Delivery App on Android and iOS Tablet / mobile and PHP, MySQL based backend server provides the restaurant owners the flexibility to

  • 1. Food menu management with Brief, description, cost and pictures.
  • 2. Enabled with offline storage and synchronization for great user experience.
  • 3. Customers can view their order cart and price before placing the order.
  • 4. Automated invoicing.
  • 5. Inbuilt analytics.


1 week to 10 days based on customization need.

Demo :

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