Financial Accounting Solution

Financial Accounting Solution

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Appsolzone has experience in developing suite of business applications in Financial Accounting Solution
softwares. They are :
1. Expense Manager: Expense Management mobile app will help the individual or employees to
update the expenses under different categories and summary reports are generated per month.
The solution is integrated with File Managers for csv download and also customized to save data
in G-drive for secure storage. For finance audit purpose, the receipts can also be uploaded by
user and they are stored securely.
2. Trip Expense: Trip Management or Mileage Tracker or Reimbursement solution can automatically calculate the trip from device GPS positions. It is integrated with map and calendar to automate the process and
calculate the exact miles traveled. The Trip and Miles /Cost Calculator features enable the
employees to save time, helps enterprise to get accurate data for employees. These automated
data feed when syndicated with Predictive Analytics models of SAP or Microsoft Dynamics, it will
enable the enterprises to detect fraudulent claims and will help in estimating the spend.
3. Income Manager: Financial accounting solution suite has income management applications enable individuals or enterprise users to record incomes, attach invoices and submit for accounting. This also helps in getting
monthly and yearly dashboards, generate trends.

These Financial Accounting solution web and mobile applications can be used for financial management,
compliance and audit purpose. Advanced features can also be integrated with APIs with Xero,
Quickbook, Wave apps etc.

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