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Success of a project depends on how they are planned, executed, monitored and controlled. 

Considering the need of various projects , a suite of management tools and softwares have been developed by us to ease the process of 

- Setting up of the project
- Project Scheduling and planning. The enterprises need not invest in heavy licensed products and learn the tools and features which are seldom used. Our cloud based tool helps to set the plan in minutes. 
- Team setup : Team management and collaboration has never been easier than this. Just add the members, drag and drop them to the tasks to assign the tasks. They are equipped with instant online communication and chat tools to have a seamless collaboration.
- Document Management : Every project gets their own repository to manage the documents. They are secured, backup up and covered against Disasters. We have the DR systems in place to protect your valuable documents.
- Task Management : Create your releases or Sprints. Create the story tasks and drag them to the Sprint to get started.
- Monitoring and Control : We have created layered reports suitable for the roles of Project Managers and team members to be on top of their tasks and projects. 
- Alerts : The dashboard is equipped with various alerts like Overdue tasks, Tasks assigned for this week, Tasks for today etc.

These coupled with other Field force and workforce management solutions, Attendance Trackers, Expense management solutions etc make management of enterprise processes seamless. Based on your need, we can customize the solutions, fulfill your requirements for effective project management solutions. 
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